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A Little Flash of Colour

Adding a little flash of colour into your foiled look can look fantastic if it’s done well and can look classy without being too over the top! Nest time you visit us ask to have a look at our new Water Colour Chart and maybe we can achieve a slightly different look for you.

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Your Favourite look is a Pony Tail

Wearing your hair back in a pony or bun for days on end because you can’t be bothered washing your hair, hey we all do it because it’s faster to throw in a pony or bun instead of doing it in the morning BUT putting your hair under repeated strain in a pony can lead […]

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Some Tips on how to stop ruining your hair.

Wet hair is super delicate so ripping a skinny comb or brush through can cause some breakage. Instead try using a wide tooth comb while you’re in the shower with conditioner on your hair or use this amazing spray once you’re out. Miracle Creator from Matrix has 20 benefits that will nourish, moisturise, boost the […]

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Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend so is a good Hairspray!! Every girl needs a Hairspray in her bathroom, from smoothing down flyaways to securing those curls for a night out, a good Hairspray is a MUST HAVE! We love Matrix Style Fixer for a great hold but if your hair is fine and need […]

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Does Your Hairdresser “Get You”

Does Your Hairdresser “Get You” So there’s a question!! It is really important that if you go to your Hairdresser with a picture in your mind of how your want your hair to look that you can convey it to her and end up with a great result, for you and your Hairdresser!! She¬†or He […]

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