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As we are back in level two again this is just a little reminder of the precautions we are taking and to ensure everyone of their safety while visiting us until we manage to kick this virus into touch!

We are more than excited to see all our loyal clients again and our uppermost concerns are to keep our girls and you as safe as possible.

If you have an appointment booked and find you are unwell on that day with either a runny nose, a cough, a temperature or just generally feeling off you will need to cancel your appointment and reschedule when you’re feeling better. If you do arrive sadly, we will have to decline your appointment for the time being.

We have downloaded the QR code and it’s on the door as you come in also around the salon so it’s easily accessible.There will be a table with hand sanitiser at the door which we would ask you use prior to moving to your seat. We will also have plenty of  hand sanitiser at each station for you to help yourself.

We are not allowed to have any clients seated in the waiting area so you will be directed to your seat immediately after entering. If you arrive early, we ask you to wait in your car and we will message you when we are ready.

In accordance with Govt directions unfortunately you will need to come alone for your appointment.

We will have clean capes for every client they will be hot washed and sanitised after every use, as will the towels etc. Every station will be sanitised after each use as per normal but with more care to ensure we haven’t missed any surfaces.

All staff will be wearing masks/visors, gloves and aprons for extra protection and certainly at the basin where there could be closer contact. We are asking clients to please bring your mask to wear at the basin at this stage, we can provide a mask of you would like for $1.00 each.

We may also check we have your correct details for the purpose of contact tracing if you do not have the tracing app.

We will not accept any cash payments so if you could make sure you either have card payment ready or that you can bank online while in the salon.

No refreshments can be served however you are welcome to bring your own and there will be no magazines in the salon, so an ipad etc may be great to bring.

Stay Safe everyone , we cant wait to see you again

The Bellezza Team

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Some Tips on how to stop ruining your hair.

Wet hair is super delicate so ripping a skinny comb or brush through can cause some breakage. Instead try using a wide tooth comb while you’re in the shower with conditioner on your hair or use this amazing spray once you’re out.
Miracle Creator from Matrix has 20 benefits that will nourish, moisturise, boost the shine, smoothe the cuticle and prevent breakage and heat damage. Oh and it smells Delish!!

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Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

crystals-89837Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend so is a good Hairspray!!

Every girl needs a Hairspray in her bathroom, from smoothing down flyaways to securing those curls for a night out, a good Hairspray is a MUST HAVE!

We love Matrix Style Fixer for a great hold but if your hair is fine and need you need something a little more flexible Matrix Volume Fixer is perfect for you.


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Does Your Hairdresser “Get You”

Does Your Hairdresser “Get You”

So there’s a question!!

It is really important that if you go to your Hairdresser with a picture in your mind of how your want your hair to look that you can convey it to her and end up with a great result, for you and your Hairdresser!! She or He Gets You

Sometimes we are guilty of talking Hairdressing Jargen, and sometimes it is really hard for you to explain to us that terrific style you saw at the movies last week.

We have found the only way for both the client and the operator to “get it” is by listening, asking the right questions in consultation with you and by looking at different styles in magazines and look books provided by your Stylist. Maybe taking the length of one, the layering of another and the colour of another.

Don’t expect to find the right style in one picture, we are artists and can advise and talk through with you what is possible and what is not.

As artists we love when clients bring in pictures because it gives us a clear window into what you are wanting resulting in…………………………………………

She or He Got You!

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Styling / Finishing Products

short stykes fro web 1Styling / Finishing Products

We get asked a lot by our clients “How do I style my hair the same way as you do?”

One tip you probably need to know is the difference between Styling Products and Finishing Products.

Styling is generally applied to wet hair and Finishing is after you have blow waved and dried your hair.

So for instance if you have choppy style and fine hair needing lots of volume you could use a Strong Hold Mousse such as Style Link Volume Builder, the directional Wonder Boost from Total Results, or a Root Lifter Spray, all of these will help you achieve root lift and volume.

You would then dry your hair and blast the roots with some heat from your blow dryer.

To texturise  your look you could then apply Style Link Height Riser for Height and Texture.

To achieve a lasting look for the day spray with Style Link Volume Fixer Hairspray or Style Link Messy Finish Spray.

This will give you the tools you need to create a great look.