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Does Your Hairdresser “Get You”

Does Your Hairdresser “Get You”

So there’s a question!!

It is really important that if you go to your Hairdresser with a picture in your mind of how your want your hair to look that you can convey it to her and end up with a great result, for you and your Hairdresser!! She or He Gets You

Sometimes we are guilty of talking Hairdressing Jargen, and sometimes it is really hard for you to explain to us that terrific style you saw at the movies last week.

We have found the only way for both the client and the operator to “get it” is by listening, asking the right questions in consultation with you and by looking at different styles in magazines and look books provided by your Stylist. Maybe taking the length of one, the layering of another and the colour of another.

Don’t expect to find the right style in one picture, we are artists and can advise and talk through with you what is possible and what is not.

As artists we love when clients bring in pictures because it gives us a clear window into what you are wanting resulting in…………………………………………

She or He Got You!

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