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Biolage Volumebloom Shampoo



Suitable For: Fine Hair, Flat Hair, Fine Coloured Hair.

Delivers:   Volumebloom Shampoo plumps fine hair with long-lasting bouncy volume. Give her hair 70% more volume after just one application. Inspired by nature that mimic the cotton flower properties.

– Gentle cleanses hair with minimal stripping
– Adds lightweight volume and shine
– Paraben-free formula is also suitable for color-treated hair

How To Use: Apply a thumbnail of shampoo to your hair and scalp, shampoo in and rinse thoroughly. Shampoo twice, once to remove surface residue and the second time to cleanse both the hair and scalp.

For Best Results: We recommend to partner Volumebloom Shampoo with Volumebloom Conditioner and Volumebloom Full Lift Volumising Spray.

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