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Styling / Finishing Products

short stykes fro web 1Styling / Finishing Products

We get asked a lot by our clients “How do I style my hair the same way as you do?”

One tip you probably need to know is the difference between Styling Products and Finishing Products.

Styling is generally applied to wet hair and Finishing is after you have blow waved and dried your hair.

So for instance if you have choppy style and fine hair needing lots of volume you could use a Strong Hold Mousse such as Style Link Volume Builder, the directional Wonder Boost from Total Results, or a Root Lifter Spray, all of these will help you achieve root lift and volume.

You would then dry your hair and blast the roots with some heat from your blow dryer.

To texturise  your look you could then apply Style Link Height Riser for Height and Texture.

To achieve a lasting look for the day spray with Style Link Volume Fixer Hairspray or Style Link Messy Finish Spray.

This will give you the tools you need to create a great look.




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